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Carmella’s Cafe

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Published on: October 17, 2010

New Hartford is the original Carmella’s Cafe location. My fiancé recalls when there was a Carmella’s in North Syracuse, but it has since closed down. The website mentioned it was created as a chain. This restaurant is trying to hard to be an old time Italian restaurant, but it doesn’t have the authentic look and feel. They had classic music playing similar to Frank Sinatra and tables covered with red and white or green and white checkered table clothes. In the back of the restaurant the workers make the pasta fresh by hand; that’s about the only authentic feel this place has.

We were led to the back of the restaurant and seated right next to the computers the servers use to cash people out. It was somewhat awkward because there was always someone right behind us at the computers. I should have requested a different table, but there weren’t too many in this back section available. It seemed like they really wanted to keep the front of the store empty it seemed.


Patsy’s Pizza

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Published on: August 16, 2010

Being new to the Syracuse area, I have yet to find a pizza place that really wows me for a decent price. At the start of the summer I received a coupon for a free large pizza for Patsy’s Pizza. I planned to redeem it only a few weeks after I received the coupon, but luckily I called first because they were closed for vacation for a week. Finally, I decided to check this place out (after calling first) and see if for lunch this free pizza would lead to future pizzas at this place.

First of all, getting there is a bit of a hassle coming from Syracuse as Erie Boulevard is currently closed off due to construction. They’re located between Geddes St. & W. Genesee St. I’m sure this has had a major impact on their business, since what should take 2 minutes takes at least 10 to go around.


Ponchito’s Taqueria

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Published on: August 10, 2010

I’ve heard of Ponchito’s Taqueria from friends who enjoy their takeout and large portion sizes. While out with some friends, one of them suggested we go there for a good, quick meal. This tiny eatery definitely has a authentic Mexican feel to its food. When we arrived there was a line right to the door, and we made it out the door. Don’t be alarmed if you get there and are in this same situation because the service is fast.

In just a few minutes we were up to the counter, as you order and get your food there then seat and cleanup yourself. This place is the epitome of casual. I decided to try a steak Super Burrito with rice, beans, cheese, and salsa — all included at $5.99. Not one for spicy, I left out the hot sauce. This burrito was HUGE. At only $.49 more it is well worth it as compared to their normal Burrito, which I was able to compare since a friend of mine purchased it. It was at least twice the size if not more, and has the added option of rice.


Ruby Tuesday

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Published on: July 27, 2010

My fiancé and I were out doing errands and decided to grab a meal nearby.  Although, it doesn’t stand out along the strip of stores on Erie Boulevard, I did notice Ruby Tuesday and wanted to try them out.  I had never been to this location before, and figured my experiences at the Oswego Ruby Tuesday from college weren’t that bad.  Now, I went in aware that this is a chain, and didn’t expect anything breathtaking.  I just wanted to have a nice, quick meal.

The experience began with the host seating me and my fiancé at a booth with wet seats.  It felt a little gross sitting down and smelled like cleanser, but at least it meant they clean the place I guess.


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