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Doug’s Fish Fry (Skaneateles)

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Published on: October 4, 2010

Wall Street’s RecommendationBuy

The Executive Summary:  What has become nothing short of an institution in the town of Skaneateles is, in my opinion, an above average seafood shack and worth visiting should you be in the area.  I can’t bring myself to give this the Strong Buy many might look for in this review…perhaps this is because I grew up on John’s Atlantic Seafood fried haddock (formerly in Mattydale Plaza, now on 31 in Baldwinsville) and have a childhood predisposition to that recipe.  However, the fact remains that the breading lacks the texture and flavour that I find more pleasing to the palate that John’s provides.  Couple that with John’s stellar sides and Doug’s moves firmly into second place.  But this is not a review of John’s so…

The Full Report:  Took the wife and kids out for the weekend to enjoy an autumn walk thru the Skaneateles shopping district and decided to try “the original” Doug’s as I’d been told that the former hub in Clay with the same namesake paled in comparison to the one on the Lake.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and while the streets were bustling, there was at least 50% of the seats in the place empty.  Perhaps this isn’t the prime time for the joint…


Bonefish Grill

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Published on: September 11, 2010

Wall Street’s RecommendationHold/Neutral

The Executive Summary:  An above-average national seafood chain edges out the competition with its understated décor, good food quality and (at least in my experience) superior service.  It’s food will not stand head-to-head with a ‘real’ seafood joint a la the Clam Bar or John’s Atlantic (I’ll review those in coming months) which is why I personally would not go back again, but if you want a more sophisticated family-friendly chain or you’re a local teen looking to do better than Red Lobster for a hot date without breaking the bank on a classier boutique joint, this should do it.

The Full Report:  Arrived at the restaurant and found it floating amidst the parking spaces in the Fayetteville Towne Center (with its Siamese twin, Red Robin), just screaming ‘plain vanilla chain’ which is a shame.   They appear to have made a concerted effort to add a bit of class and ambiance to set it apart from competing seafood franchises like Red Lobster or Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., the latter of which is not in CNY at this time though I assure you is as kitschy as the name implies.


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