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Published on: August 20, 2008

I often find myself in Fulton around lunch time on weekdays. 481 has a large selection of fast food joints, but very few quality sit-down establishments. One place I treat myself to every couple weeks is Blue Moon Grill, in the Canal View Plaza on 2nd Street (481, in other words).

Blue Moon has a fairly large dining room, with a mix of booths and tables. They also have an “upstairs” (3 steps higher than the main room) bar area, with some additional seating at high tables, and at the bar itself.

The ladies who work there are extremely friendly and service-oriented. This attitude comes from the top down, as Karen -who owns the place with her husband/chef Bill – is often acting as hostess, greeting and seating people. I’m impressed by the fact that any of the servers walking by will answer questions, or fill a glass if they see it empty, as will Karen herself.

The lunch menu has a pretty standard selection: apps & soup, salads, hot & cold sandwiches, burgers, and a selection of dinner-type entrees for those with an emptier tummy. Ordering from the menu can easily bring one person up to almost a $20 bill. But they also have a daily soup & sandwich special for around $8, and with a soda, you’re only paying abt $12 including tip.

I eat there so often, and have had so many of the dishes, that I apologize if this seems like a generic review. But everything is very tasty.

I almost always have soup – either the daily version, or a crock of french onion. Most of the soups are fantastic – I can’t think of one that wasn’t good. Unlike most restaurants, I don’t think they have a set list of soups (I could be wrong). There are ones that crop up again and again – roasted red pepper bisque & manhattan clam chowder are two that come to mind – but there always seems to be something new they’re trying.

Sandwiches – you can get a triple-decker club, and that’s okay. But why not try a N’awlins muffaletta, with real olive spread? Or a hot roast beef or fish? Even better, try whatever the daily special is. Two days ago, I had an open-faced turkey on rye with baby spinach and spicy mustard, with melted cheese on top. Not something you’ll find at Denny’s.

They offer a decent selection of wines and beer as well, if you care to indulge.

This is just lunch. Dinner – which I’ll review later – blows it away.

If you are in the area, or can be in the area, for lunch, I highly recommend the Blue Moon. And if you’re from Syracuse, dinner’s worth the drive, in my opinion.


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