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Published on: April 16, 2014

So I cheated on my boys.  Chuckleberries is a self-serve yogurt shop on Rt 57 (Oswego Road) across the road from Bayberry Plaza in Liverpool.  It’s pretty popular in the summer and fall with sports teams in the area, especially ones with girls on them apparently.  Which is probably why my sons like going there, either with one of their teams or alone.  Ruprecht will be driving soon, and the boys will probably take the van out there a few evenings this fall.


Anydoodle, I was running a few errands with my girlfriend Sylvia the other day when we decided to cheat and have dessert before lunch.  We dropped in a few minutes past noon and the place was empty, except for a gentleman I’m going to assume was the manager.  Most of the time I see teenage girls there in the evening.

You walk in, and there’s maybe half a dozen tables in front of you.  A few steps in and the checkout is on your left, while the cups are on a table to your right.  The left wall with the dispensers starts to close off the space on your left, but doesn’t quite make it, leaving room for some people to go through to a glass-enclosed room in the back, with more seating.  I’ve never been back there, but there was a TV up on the wall as I remember.  On your right across from the dispensers, some crushed treats and sprinkles are hanging on the wall in tubes, so you can put them on your yogurt.

Actually, it’s not all yogurt.  Yes, they have low-fat and fat-free yogurt, but they also have sherbet and actual ice cream.  I think there’s about a dozen different flavors available.  When we went in, they had peanut butter and chocolate yogurts (I got those mixed before – yum!), red raspberry and black raspberry, lemon sherbet and birthday cake ice cream.  I got black raspberry and Sylvia filled a small cup with salted caramel.

The next stop is the fixin’s bar.  Or whatever they call it there.  I put fresh blackberries on mine, but they also have chocolate, crushed cookies, other berries, and gummie candy, along with other toppings.  Sylvie got some chocolate on hers.  Then you take your cups to the register and put them on a small food scale.  Your price is based on weight.  These are treats, and they price it accordingly.  I got a small cup with a few squirts of yogurt and maybe 3 berries, and mine came to almost $5.  Sylvia’s was about the same.

They do have a few colorful plastic chairs lined up around the outside by the windows on sunny days.  While it was sunny, it wasn’t particularly warm, so we weren’t disappointed the chairs weren’t available.  We happily sat inside and chatted away for a few minutes while we scarfed down our cheat treat.

There are a number of places like this in Destiny [local mega-mall], where you do all the work and then pay them.  But I like Chuckleberries.  It’s clean and open, with plenty of room, until you pack it with plenty of people.  The crowds that spill outside in the evening mostly don’t bother the other stores nearby, as they’re mostly closed by then.  The staff is always friendly and happy!  Parking can be an issue some nights when the teams and others are there, as there’s also a restaurant and a Starbucks in the same plaza.

While I think the price is reasonable for the occasional treat, Chuckleberries also has a reward card program.  Ask about it if you stop in more than a couple times a month.  I don’t think they have a stand-alone web site, but they do have a Facebook Page if you want more info.


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