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Published on: April 1, 2014

When we started this site, we made a decision not to post photos of the food served.  Mainly it was because everywhere you turn, people are posting images of the food being served to them, and we at CNYDining find most of these pictures off-putting.  They are of poor quality, mainly taken with cell phones, and even the ones captioned “Heavenly – you must try this!” often look like crappy photos of table scraps.

We’ve done a few dozen reviews without photos, but will begin to include some taken of the locations for the reviews.  No, not the food.  On a personal note, I often find that kitchen workers do not “dress” plates the same way from visit to visit.  This may be because the staff has changed, the person who plated your food may be trying a different way, or they simply don’t have the same amount of time during each of your visits.

Please let us know your opinions.  Will photos of the restaurants help?  Do we need to include food pix?  Your comments will help shape the direction of this, your premiere dining review site in Central New York state.  Thank you for your time, attention, and participation!

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