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Published on: July 29, 2010

I was delighted a few years back when I heard that Liehs and Steigerwald would be opening a spot in Market Square North.  That’s on Rt 31 in Clay, across from Great Northern Mall.  It’s tucked back in, near Staples.  I remember my sister dragging me to the original location years and years ago.  I have no idea what I ate then, but the warm and fuzzies stuck with me enough that I was eager for this one to open.

It did, and I’ve eaten there many times since.  I try not to go too often, so I don’t get burned out on it.  (There’s a reason I don’t deliver pizza for a living.)

Several months back, they changed the store around quite a bit.  They carry Boar’s Head deli meats, but the real treat for me is the store-made sausages.  Being a German-based butcher shop, most of them are in the range of brat-sized.  Before the remodel, they had a steam table with a selection of sausage for the lunch & afternoon folks.  Man, I loved that!  Now, they’ve got a big griddle and fry station in the back.  A fried brat is just not the same as a steamed one.  Still good, but not the same.

I dropped in lunch the other day.  As I said, the deli sandwiches are pretty good (try a Westphalian ham sandwich some time – it’s worth the extra buck!), but I wanted a sausage.  They have quite an array, made from all sorts of meat.  They even have a large selection of “healthier” ones made from chicken.  In the past, I’ve had the beer brat, the cheddar brat, the black forest, and even the chicken & sun dried tomato.  I wanted something I’d not tried, and the woman behind the counter directed me to the  cajun chicken brat, “if you really like spicy stuff.”  I do, so I ordered the sausage combo, which comes with a drink and a salad.  I, of course, chose the tongue-tingling vinegar kiss of the German potato salad.  I forgot to ask them to nuke it for me, but it’s still good chilled.

I usually get deli mustard on my brat, but decided to  forgo it this time to get the full cajun taste.  I’m glad I did, as the brat was actually so mild that the mustard would have overwhelmed the sausage’s natural taste.

I was a bit disappointed by the fact that they were out of Diet Dr Pepper (my favorite – sorry Dr Brown’s!), but I made do with a Diet Lime Coke.

Seating isn’t fancy – a few two-seater tables near the front door.  But this is not a deli, it’s a butcher shop, and so you’re lucky you’re sitting at all.  While most everything in the case is unmarked, the people behind the counter are experts.  They can tell you what everything is, what to use it for, how to cook it, and almost anything else you’d want to know.  The fresh and frozen meat selections are amazing – I don’t think anyone else locally (other than the main L&S store) can rival it.

Parking?  I admit to being a bit of a tight ass.  There’s a huge parking lot, with plenty of spots within a few yards from the door, but there’s a constant stream of “entitled” jackholes who pull up to the curb (where it says, “Fire lane – no parking”) and come in.  Now, if they were old, or disabled, I could cut them some slack.  But just because you drive a Mercedes or Lexus or whateverthefreak, it doesn’t mean you can park wherever you feel like it so you can come in and stand there not making up your mind.  “We’ll only be here a minute” doesn’t give you more rights than anyone else, or make you somehow invulnerable to being a true jackhole.  Those people really cheese my crackers!

Sorry, end of rant.

The whole combo cost me exactly $5.  I’m pretty sure there’s a tip jar there – I know I’ve left them extra from time to time, usually by saying “Keep the change.”  If there’s a jar, tip them for their knowledge, if not for anything else.

I’m going back.  Maybe I’ll see you there.


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