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Published on: August 16, 2010

Being new to the Syracuse area, I have yet to find a pizza place that really wows me for a decent price. At the start of the summer I received a coupon for a free large pizza for Patsy’s Pizza. I planned to redeem it only a few weeks after I received the coupon, but luckily I called first because they were closed for vacation for a week. Finally, I decided to check this place out (after calling first) and see if for lunch this free pizza would lead to future pizzas at this place.

First of all, getting there is a bit of a hassle coming from Syracuse as Erie Boulevard is currently closed off due to construction. They’re located between Geddes St. & W. Genesee St. I’m sure this has had a major impact on their business, since what should take 2 minutes takes at least 10 to go around.

We arrived at the pizzeria, where there were only two customers there as we walked in. This place had everything you expect: pizza (of course), calzones, wings, subs, wraps, pasta, and side orders. I felt that the price for pizza was okay ($9.99 for medium 14″ 8 slice, $12.25 for large 16″ 12 slice) although a little pricey for toppings ($1.30 per medium topping and $1.50 for large toppings). We decided to just get a plain since this was more of a taste-test than anything else.

The pizza was made-to-order: fresh and hot after about 20 minutes. The pizza guy mentioned Patsy’s Pizza has been around for more than 20 years. I assume that means Mondays are their slow day if they’ve been around for that long and we only saw 2 other people come in before we left. We took the pizza to go, so we could enjoy it at home with some friends.

For free it wasn’t too bad. If you like really soft/doughy crust, this is a place for you. Personally, I enjoy crispier crust so that meant minus points. The cheese was okay, but a little sparse and the sauce was decent enough. I didn’t mind if for what it was, but at $12.00 for a large I would not actually want to buy it. If I get another free coupon any time soon, I’ll probably go back for more. Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll be checking this place out again any time soon.

Top Pro: Pizza was made fresh, to order
Top Con: Doughy pizza crust and sparse on the cheese and sauce

Restaurant: Patsy’s Pizza, 1205 Erie Blvd West, Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone: (315) 472-4626


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