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Published on: March 6, 2014

I like revolutions. I don’t like the mall. The light feels artificial, the air plastic, the people consumer zombies. In short, the place seems like a capitalist version of Dante’s nine levels of Hell, except with less levels. However, I’m here to give a restaurant review not my critique on materialism.

So back to Revolutions Entertainment, a new restaurant that opened in Destiny USA. The place is a bowling alley, restaurant, and entertainment facility. I had a bit of trouble finding the restaurant. Partially because I am directionally challenged and partially because the mall is kinda a maze that only preteens and soccer moms can navigate. I was meeting a friend there, and when I entered I was impressed by the size and vibe of the place. Rock music was playing, and a waiter quickly helped me locate my friend I had a meeting with. I spotted an impressive bar, plentiful seating, some arcade games, and the bowling alley in the back.

It is definitely the swankiest bowling alley I have been in. There was no smell of old socks and beer. The place was polished.

The waiter was perfectly attentive, and didn’t hover too much and gave us just the right amount of space without being too distant. When I opened the menu, I was also surprised by the food and food prices. For mall food, it was definitely a good deal. And there just weren’t typical drunk munchies on the menu. Bruschetta. Ranch and chicken avocado rolls. Peanut butter and bacon burger?! I eventually settled on the mushroom flatbread, which was a blend of wild mushrooms, goat cheese, fresh parsley, and a drizzling of olive oil to top it off. I was happy with my purchase to say the least.

My friend got a turkey burger, which seemed mediocre. Probably frozen meat that was fried up and slapped on a bun between some lettuce and tomato slices. The side order option of fries, chips, slaw, or fruit was a nice offer.

The place was definitely nice, but not for a four o’clock meeting on a Monday afternoon. There was no crowd, and it was rather empty with more staff than customers. However, I could see the place as an awesome place for a large group to come drink, eat, drink, and bowl. And did I say drink?



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  1. Stuart Meeks says:

    I’m wondering if the place will attract an audience. Is it a bar? A restaurant? A bowling alley? Who’s going to show up? Will the busy times be enough to make up for the dead times?

    • reviewadmin says:

      We’ll have to see, Stuart. Our mandate is simply to judge the place as it relates to eating; food, ambiance, etc. But you do ask some interesting questions. . .

    • BettyRocker says:

      Hey Stuart! I think I can clear up some of your questions. First, it is a bar/restaurant/entertainment center, which includes a bowling alley set in the back. When I have been to the mall later at night, especially towards the weekend, it’s basically the same crowd as the downtown bar scene. There is an inappropriate amount of dudes in baseball caps. However, during the day in the early parts of the week, the place is pretty dead. Will they be able to make up for the dead times? No idea. The whole idea of Revolutions as a self contained, one-stop for food, booze, and fun is kinda cool, but what they need is a loyal customer base. Maybe reaching out to bowling leagues, or live performers. We’ll see what happens.

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