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Published on: March 30, 2014

Despite living only a jump and a skip away from Sparky Town, I hadn’t had the pleasure of visiting the restaurant.

I had heard that it had good, down-to-earth food and that it was an extension of the “gay-bourhood”, which is basically the Hawley-Green area. So when some friends asked if I wanted to join them, I gladly agreed, and we headed there for an early dinner on a Tuesday afternoon.

We got a bit lost on the way there, as it is inconspicuously located on the corners of Burnet-Catherine, and we parked across the street as they had no parking lot, and hurried inside to avoid the cold.

We entered and found a cozy restaurant, a bar to our right and a family talking to some of the staff to our left. The waitress welcomed us, and led us to our table in the next room over, seating us next to the window. We were a little early for dinner; so there was only one other group in the restaurant, and the atmosphere was calm, yet warm with a fire crackling at the end of the room.

Our waitress was attentive and patient as we contemplated the menu, everything the average-diner price. I finally decided on a coffee, on account of the cold, and a veggie burger. My friends chose a bowl of chilli-soup, one with meat, the other without. The awesome thing about the menu was that it catered to carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans. The not so awesome thing was that they were out of fries, so my friends and I settled for alternatives. They got salads, I got coleslaw.

Our food came out promptly, and in the meantime the waitress attentively delivered our drinks. I tried some of the chilli, which was hardy and not too spicy, and dug into the veggie burger. It was the typical white bun, lettuce, and tomato, but with a very veggy-tasting burger inside. I initially was unsure if the burger was not cooked through, or if it was just a very dense burger that fell apart rather easily. However, it tasted good none-the-less. The coleslaw tasted wholesome as well, and although the coffee was decent.

After our meal, the waitress split our check and gave us a Sparky Town business card each and we walked out, the staff warmly saying goodbye.

Although I wasn’t completely satisfied with the meal, it didn’t totally disappoint either. And the atmosphere almost made up for it. Next time, I will probably try one of their more adventurous dishes, such as the goat-cheese flatbread, antioxidant pasta, or Belly Buster, a tabouli-guacamole wrap. And I definitely am happy I live within walking distance of this restaurant.



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