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Published on: April 16, 2014

So I cheated on my boys.  Chuckleberries is a self-serve yogurt shop on Rt 57 (Oswego Road) across the road from Bayberry Plaza in Liverpool.  It’s pretty popular in the summer and fall with sports teams in the area, especially ones with girls on them apparently.  Which is probably why my sons like going there, either with one of their teams or alone.  Ruprecht will be driving soon, and the boys will probably take the van out there a few evenings this fall.


Anydoodle, I was running a few errands with my girlfriend Sylvia the other day when we decided to cheat and have dessert before lunch.  We dropped in a few minutes past noon and the place was empty, except for a gentleman I’m going to assume was the manager.  Most of the time I see teenage girls there in the evening.


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