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Published on: May 16, 2014

The American Diner is across the railroad tracks on Old Liverpool Rd in Liverpool.  It's definitely on the right side of the tracks, and that's the whole point.


The food is not the point here.  It's fuel for the body, prepared sufficiently and presented plainly.  The prices are completely average – not high enough to gouge your wallet, but high enough to give the staff a decent wage.  The staff – efficient & friendly.  Happy to talk with you if you want, willing to leave you to your own devices.  Parking is sufficient, enough for everyone if the place is packed.  No, there's only one important aspect of The American Diner, and that is the ambiance.

The theme, the decor, the staff, and the patrons of The American Diner are unabashedly politically conservative.  There are quotes from the Constitution and the Bible all around you.  Conservative political media is playing.  You'll see camouflage clothing, and tee shirts with statements proudly proclaiming the wearer's beliefs.  These folks are proud of their rights given by God and the Founding Fathers, and here they have a welcoming place to discus their views.

There are no pretensions here.  The interior is plain, but neat and clean.  You can see a group having a lively discussion, or see an individual with reading material or a laptop.  Either is fine by the folks behind the counter.

While I own and use firearms for target practice, I'm not nearly as conservative as most of the folks here.  I don't share all their beliefs, political or otherwise I'm sure.  But do I feel uncomfortable having breakfast here?  Not at all.  Let me tell you the real vibe here: you could stand up during the most crowded hour and loudly announce, "I am a liberal democrat – a tree hugger who hates guns and turns left at every intersection."  Will they share your values?  Probably not.  But I believe damn near every one of the staff and patrons would support – maybe fight for, some of them even to the death – your right to have your opinions and speak them aloud.  Even if they think you're a doofus.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason you need to have at least one meal at The American Diner, and to tip well afterward.  While you're at it, tell them CNY Dining sent you.


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  1. Art says:

    Freakin’ A, man! American Diner all the way!

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