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Published on: April 18, 2014

On top of University Hill, down a dark alley, wedged next to a bar, and down an unassuming flight of stairs, is appeThaizing. Although the location is not the easiest to get too, with limited parking and the threat of having to fight through mobs of college students to get there, appeThaizing does deliver tasty Thai food.

I have been to the restaurant on a handful of occasions, and am never disappointed, although some dishes overwhelmingly trump other ones. On my most recent visit, a friend and I decided to eat out on a Monday after our classes. We went there for dinner, around 6’oclock, walking down the alley, and then down the stairs that lead down to the restaurant. I am always surprised by how the restaurant fills up despite its humble sign outside, and rather peculiar location.

Inside, the restaurant is surprisingly larger than expected, with warm, red walls, and many tables. My friend and I seated ourselves, and a server immediately came up, welcomed us and asked for our drink orders. We then turned to our menus, which showcased the usual Thai food. However, I must note that the prices are slightly high for the basic Thai food (that has been slightly American-ized) that they serve. I am always tempted to get a Pad Thai when going to a Thai restaurant, but my stomach wasn’t the happiest that day, so I was looking for something simple and light. I finally decided on the Pad Pak, which sautéed veggies, a light brown sauce, and a complimentary bowl of rice.

As we waited for our orders to come out, the restaurant began filling up with the dinner crowd. It is mostly students and office people. Although it is definitely a family-friendly restaurant, I don’t think I have ever seen a family there.

The food came out in a timely fashion, and we dug in. My dish was what I wanted – simple. However, the dish seemed to be lacking something. It may have been that the sauce didn’t complement the vegetables that well, although it tasted good with the white rice. Or perhaps it was because the vegetables didn’t taste as fresh as I had hoped.

My lesson learned from that evening is to go with the more flavorful Thai dishes. I have had their Pad Thai before and it is yummy, as well as their appeThaizing shrimp appetizers, which are crunchy shrimp in a zesty appeThaizing sauce.

This was my most disappointing experience at appeThaizing. The dish I ordered was mediocre, but I know that there are much more delicious dishes on that table, and I am rating the food keeping past appeThaizing experiences in mind. Service was nice, and the atmosphere was pleasant as well, despite the odd location. Although appeThaizing is not my number one place to go for Thai food, I know I will probably be eating there again and am not cringing at this thought.



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