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Published on: April 11, 2014

A couple of our friends wanted to meet up for an early dinner one Sunday, so the hubby and I met them at China Road in Mattydale.  I’m not sure just how long this restaurant has been open, but a girlfriend took me there for lunch about 20 years ago.  I don’t go every week, but I’m there several times a year.


China Road is a clean, neat, hole-in-the-wall.  If you’ve ever been to New York City’s China Town, and eaten at one of the better places on Mott Street, then you’ll really enjoy eating here.  Walk in and you’re greeted by Chef Simon or his wife.  The front room is tiny – eight tables, including one larger family style table, and the front one where they stage take-out orders.  On especially busy nights, they open the back dining room, which is larger and seats maybe twice as many as the front room.

There were 4 of us, and we were seated in the front room.  Nothing there is very far from the kitchen or the servers.  Almost immediately we received their complimentary munchies.  Large wonton chips with duck sauce, and daikon radish marinated in hot (spicy) oil.  We ordered a pot of tea, which we had refilled at least twice during the meal.  Three of us got water with lemon slices, but my hubby also ordered a Diet Coke.

Their are two menus.  One is for the mainstream eaters, and one is their menu of traditional Chinese items.  They also have a whiteboard on the wall with several other dishes listed.  Our friends ordered the hot and sour seafood soup for two as an app, while hubby and I split an order of steamed dumplings.  These all arrived in short order, and we went to town and chowed down.

When SU is in session, this place has a lot of professors and parents who eat here.  To be politically incorrect, many Chinese eat here as well.  This makes me feel like it validates my opinion of the place.  I’m glad to see folks who miss home cooking come here and enjoy it.

The staff cleared away our app plates, refilled the drinks, and then it was on to the entrees.  We ladies each ordered shrimp dishes.  Our friend got a spicy chicken dish, while my hubby ordered tofu and crab off the white board.  The shrimp dishes were each made with what looked like different kinds of shrimp.  Mine were all white while my friend’s shrimp had black lines on them.  We shared all the entrees family style, and I have to say both shrimp dishes tasted unique and delicious.  The chicken came with broccoli and was nice and spicy.  My husband’s dish was a repellant florescent yellow color, which turned the rest of us off.  I did try a bite, and it was very tasty.

The staff supply each person with disposable chopsticks, but they also offer regular silverware.  I’ve been eating with chopsticks since I was a girl, but our friend chose to eat his chicken with a fork.  We were served a large bowl of steamed rice to go along with the entrees.  It was starchy, and had a flat almost-not-there flavor.  A perfect accompaniment to the flavorful main dishes.

When we were done, they cleared the dishes away very quickly, and brought us a plateful of orange slices along with fortune cookies and the bill.  It came to around $58 plus tip for the four of us, and we even took a few bites home as leftovers.

There’s quite a bit of parking at the side of the building, as well as around back of the place, which is actually in front of the entrance to a dollar store.  There’s usually plenty of light, as there’s a Colonial Laundromat next door, open 24 hours.  A giant exhaust fan is constantly blowing the kitchen air towards the parking area, so you smell China Road in the whole surrounding area.

The whole plaza is a little run down, and the restaurant interior certainly isn’t pristine.  If you’re looking for someplace that will dazzle your senses, this shouldn’t be where you come to eat.

However, if you’re looking for good quality food that’s tasty, attentive service and a decent price, I think China Road fills the bill.


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