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Published on: April 4, 2014

I keep getting dragged back to the mall. This time it was to see a movie with two of my friends, and following the show we decided to grab a meal at Gordon Biersch Brewery for an early dinner on a rainy Friday afternoon. I had heard that the restaurant brewed its own beer and had some decent food, so I was interested in going.

After the movie, which left us in good spirits with a lot to talk about, we headed to the new wing of the mall to find dinner. Because of the deep affinity for alcohol we share, we decided on Gordon Biersch. We luckily got into the restaurant without having to wait in a line, and the hostess speedily seated us. The restaurant looked pretty full, with mall people, mostly guys with baseball caps and ladies in tracksuits, chattering happily around us. My group immediately flipped to the beer menu, which was a pretty good selection. We were feeling adventurous, as well as indecisive, so we got a beer flight each. The waiter seemed surprised, and then curtly asked us for our IDs. After he left, we raised our eyebrows at each other.

Looking over the menu, the food was in the genre of upscale bar food. It ranged from pastas with fancy sauces, to burgers, and interesting sounding salads. I was tempted to try the Märzen burger, which was a burger soaked in their Märzen beer. However, I decided on the sweet potato fries with brown sugar, cream cheese, and BBQ dipping sauce to start. The blackened mahi sandwhich with a quinoa-kale salad would be my main course.

Before taking our order, the waiter delivered our individual beer flights and explained each of the samples he set down. It started with their lightest beer, then progressed to their darkest, and ended with their seasonal special. It was fun sipping all the samples. However, my group agreed that the Schwarzbier was weak with not enough body, as it actually had less alcohol content than their lightest beer. I suppose this was the style of the beer, but it did not do the dark beer justice. The smooth Märzen and spicy Czech Pilsener were the favorites. We also had wished the pours would have been more even, as the volume of liquid in each glass seemed arbitrary.

The appetizers came out and we shared the sweet potatoes, which tasted good, although the dipping sauce was almost a dessert in itself.  When the food came out I dug into the mahi sandwich. It was a filling sandwich, but nothing exceptional about it and I would have preferred some kind of bread instead of a greasy bun. But the solid slab of mahi made up for it.

After the food and more beer, the waiter promptly gave us our check and we checked out. By now people were waiting in line to get in, and we found our way out of the maze that is the mall.

Gordon Biersch is a good place to eat and drink, with a varied menu and plentiful seating. I’m sure it filled up pretty quickly that evening, and I wouldn’t mind going there in the future with my friends, although it would not be my first option. The service did their job, but was a bit brisk in our case, and the food came out at a reasonable pace and was neither surprisingly bad or good. It was ‘aight.



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