Highland Park Diner

Highland Park diner is one of those places that apparently everyone loves, and for good reason.  It’s in a slightly sketchy neighborhood in Rochester, NY and that’s actually one of it’s charms.  The parking lot is tiny, as is the building itself.

Highland Park Diner in Rochester, NY
Highland Park Diner in Rochester, NY

There’s so many people coming here that they have tables outside with umbrellas.  Except for the outdoor seating, it reminds me of the best of the old time New York City diners I’ve eaten in.

The seating is small, and close together.  It may take you a few moments to be seated without tipping something over.  Once you’re there, keep your elbows out of your neighbors’ plates.

My wife and I spent the night in Rochester, and before we went to play an epic game of mini golf, we stopped for a late breakfast at Highland Park Diner.  Their menu will not disappoint, especially if you’re there for breakfast.  They offer over a dozen types of eggs benedict, and a similar number of omelets.  I had trouble choosing what I was going to eat.  I finally settled on the pancetta benedict, which was great.  My wife got what I think was one of the specials – a mixed mushroom benedict.  We both thought they were fantastic.

For the uninitiated, “eggs benedict” is poached eggs, a meat – often Canadian bacon – and an English muffin, covered with Hollandaise sauce.  A true multi-national breakfast.  The Hollandaise was light, not overly lemony like dishwashing soap (not that I ingest a lot of soap), but still stuck to everything.  The English muffin was not a Thomas’, it was much thicker and had a distinct taste.  I’m not sure how to describe it, but it was good.  These benedicts were large, and came with a side of home fries, which were crispy and hot, lightly seasoned.  I saw a number of benedicts go by, as well as omelets and lunch-type entrees.  It was creeping up on noon, and everyone from dozy college students to business people in suits were eating there.

Between the two benedicts and drinks, plus tax and tip, I think we spent about $25.  If you get a standard breakfast of eggs, meat and toast, you could get out of there with change from your $10 bill I suppose.

The service was fast and friendly.  Our waitress was not a gum chewing, smack talking bleached blonde.  They may have those, but ours was friendly and businesslike, but with a genuine smile.

If you’re in the area of 960 Clinton Ave South and hungry, you could do worse.  Make sure you read their story on the menu, or the web site.  It’s a cool one, and you always want to hear the back story to the diner you’re eating in.


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