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Published on: April 30, 2014

Tucked away in the Towne Center plaza where – a million years ago – Fayetteville Mall stood is the 2nd location for that Syracuse-based Middle Eastern delight, King David’s.  While this location has been open for a number of years, in the past couple several upmarket chain restaurants have opened within a stone’s throw.  Carrabba’s, Red Robin and Bonefish all have their good points, as evidenced by the throngs of people filling their seats.  But while we’ve been the last customers in the dining room at King David’s, we’ve never been there as the only customers.


My wife and I went on a recent Tuesday evening.  We’re not there very often because it’s over an hour round trip form our place.  But every once in a while, we make the trek.  King David’s actually has two (two and a half?) dining areas.  As you walk in there door, there are a couple small tables to your right.  The prep and cooking area – I can’t really call it a kitchen – is to your right and open, so you can see what’s going on.  Walk past that, down a narrow hallway, and you enter the “main” dining area, with about 4 tables and eight or so booths.  There’s a doorway at the back, which leads into the enclosed mall.  There’s another seating area here, with about 40 or so seats.  They’ve got enough room for a lot of folks!

During out latest trip, there were only a few folks in evidence at 8 PM.  We were quickly seated and our drink orders taken.  The wife and I perused the menu, but it’s really a sham – we usually have a good idea of what we’re eating before we even walk in the door.

We always start off with the “mazza for one.”  They offer a “mazza for two” appetizer selection on their menu, and it’s really almost enough for dinner.  One of the waitresses once told us we could get a half order of the platter, “for one,” and we’ve been doing it ever since.  You get homous (chickpea paste), babaganouge (eggplant paste), olives, feta cheese, falafel patties, tahini (sesame seed paste), stuffed grape leaves, chawarma (diced, cooked chicken), and pita bread pockets.

Sometimes when we order this, it actually comes out at the same time as our appetizers.  This time, we were lucky and had several minutes to chow down before our main courses arrived.  That night, I ordered a simple gyro (Is it JYE-ro or YEE-ro?  Let the arguments begin!) while my wife ordered the portobello greek sandwich.  I ordered mine without onion, and with the cucumber-based tzatziki sauce on the side.  When I apologized for being a pain, the waitress rolled her eyes and said in a low voice, “This is nothing.  You should see the special orders some people come up with!”

King David’s does sell beer, if you want to indulge.  And speaking of indulging, they also sell a variety of baklava pastries!  I do eat sweets – have nothing against them – but we usually skip these.  My favorite dessert, as I’ve said other places, is a second lobster tail.

Even with some leisurely conversation, we were in and out fairly quickly.  And not because the staff kicked us out.  On the contrary, they seem happy to let you sit and chat.  There were a couple other parties still enjoying dinner when we left.

The bathrooms are clean and neat, functional and without decoration (at least the men’s room is).  The dining area is also neat and clean, but with more decoration and fewer faucets.  ::grin::  Parking out in the lot is ample.

With tax and tip, our bill came to around $32 – a very reasonable amount for the excellent food and service.  They also serve vegetarian items, and even have a gluten free menu.  If you like Middle Eastern food at all, or if you’ve never tried it and want a friendly introduction to it, I highly recommend the Fayetteville location of King David’s.


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  1. Charles McGraw says:

    YEE-ro. (without onions is the way to go.)

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