La Taqueria

My girlfriend and I took some time to drive out Rt 31 along the lake.  I remembered there was a Mexican place somewhere out that way in Cicero, past the high school.  Guess what – there was!  We pulled in to the Lakeshore Heights Plaza and found a parking space in front of La Taqueria.


La Taqueria in Lakeshore Heights Plaza, Cicero New York
Storefront for La Taqueria in Lakeshore Heights Plaza, Cicero New York

La Taq as fans call it is just about in the middle of the plaza.  It’s not really Mexican.  They call it a Mexican Fusion Grill.  Which is totally cool!  Hello!  Tofu?  Spicy Ranch sauce?  Yes please!  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So it was around 11:30 on a Friday morning.  We were headed for the door when The Athletic Family zipped in ahead of us.  That was cool.  It gave Wendy and me more time to go over the menu.  Mom and daughters were all obviously runners, and dad. . . well, dad had shoulders like he benchpressed Buicks.

We had plenty of time to study the menu, and the restaurant.  There’s a counter on your right, inside the door.  The tiny strip of kitchen is behind that.  There’s a number of tables in the front, and this like hallway filled with tables running towards the back on your left.  The tables are all thick wood, scalloped along the edges.  Very 1970’s.

I ordered a burrito, rice & black beans with tofu and spicy Ranch fusion sauce on the side.  Wendy was more health conscious – she ordered a protein bowl with chicken.  It’s filled with veggies, your choice of protein on top, and no bread whatsoever.  For me, what’s the point of that?

It certainly wasn’t the cheapest Mexican meal ever.  Between us, with two soft drinks added, the bill came to just over $18, and that’s with no tip.

We sat about halfway down the aisle.  I thought the music was a little loud, considering we were nearly the only ones in there.  Then noon hit, and the place flooded with customers, and we could barely hear the music any more.  I found my food to be fresh and hot (both temp wise and spice wise), and I enjoyed chowing down on it.

Regardless of whether I liked the place or not (and I did), the crowd that came in at noon on a Friday shows they must be doing something right.  They’re pleasing enough people to stay in business.  I’m not sure how long they’ve been open out here – the other location is in downtown Syracuse – but I know I came out here a few years ago for dinner.

Parking is. . . well, a plaza, so it’s ample.  The place is neat and clean, the food is fresh and hot.  The staff is stuck behind the counter; they were maybe not effusive, but nice to us.  Look, it’s not Moe’s, or Salsarita’s, or even Taco Bell.  If you want something that’s Mexican with a twist, it’s worth visiting.  I don’t know if it’s worth driving to more that once, but it’s worth at least one visit.


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