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Published on: February 28, 2014

I had heard of Lemongrass and that it was good from some co-workers older and more elegant than I. However, the thought of paying more than $10 for Asian food made my stomach hurt. Let alone a place that calls itself an ‘Asian Fusion’ steakhouse on its Facebook page makes me think it’s just a little too classy for my barbaric manners.

However, with Downtown Dining Week I decided to go. This event lasts through March and participating restaurants offer a first, second, and third course for $25 or less. Which is a pretty good deal for some of the restaurants on the list, including Lemongrass.

A friend and I decided for an early dinner, around 5:30PM on a Friday evening. Upon entering, my fears of the classiness of the restaurant heightened when I spotted multiple forks on the tables – a clear sign that this place was chic.

We were escorted through the restaurant, which was very elegant with dark wood and tasteful Asian décor. The restaurant was a bit confusing as we were led to the Elephant Bistro, an extension of Lemongrass that faces Walton Street, whereas Lemongrass faces Jefferson Street. Or maybe Lemongrass is an extension of Elephant Bistro. But no matter, it was the same food.

Our hostess seated us between an older group of ladies and a handsome older couple. We were definitely the youngest people there at the time. But whatever, as I began pouring over the menu I forgot my apprehension concerning the classiness of the place.

Everything sounded delicious. I’m a sucker for Thai food, and the coconut, curry, basil, and peanut options that made up the menu all sounded amazing. After ordering some sort of Thai beer, I had decided on my courses.

For the first course I had lobster dip, which consisted of a blend of lobster, some other shellfish, pork, and peanut sauce with delicate, pastel shrimp crackers on the side. Yum. I actually couldn’t finish it, so I forced my date to eat it.

The second course was a little less fabulous. The only one being offered on the restaurant’s Downtown Dining Week menu being a bitter green salad. Which is fine, I don’t discriminate against salads. The peanut dressing really made it something, albeit it was a little too sweet.

At this point I was almost done with my beer and my friend was on his second drink. Our waitress, who was very attentive although she asked a lot of questions, looked at me curiously. She was probably wondering if I wanted another drink. However, I had a shift after dinner and didn’t want to go into work with (too much of) a buzz. Although it was tempting.

For the final course, I decided on sword fish in a ginger, coconut, curry sauce. It was a little on the gingery side for my tastes, but bomb none the less. And a sizable portion as well, with the perfect amount of sauce to slather on the fish.

I had imagined some sort of scene like that from Pretty Woman, where Julia Roberts accidentally flings escargot across the restaurant while trying to pry it out of the shell. Luckily, there were no dolled up snails on the menu, and instead a variety of delicious foods, a long alcohol list (that I look forward to sampling in the future), and an all together charming experience.


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