Reviewer Bios


20-something working girl living in downtown Syracuse.  Usually out with her fiancée or friends. Loves new experiences, restaurants, and people.



A married, 30-something suburbanite with young children and former Manhattanite with a penchant for bespoke clothing who appreciates all cuisines from Argentinian to Zambian; dines with family, clients or just the wife, though occasionally solo.



Old, tired, and worn-down. Empty-nester. Would eat out more if frickin’ restaurants around here didn’t close so darned early. Wife and I like to travel, visit friends, and find new places to eat.



West Coast palette sampling East Coast restaurants. Has trekked across the U.S. and backpacked in the Middle East. Won’t say no to an adventure, or a meal. What else is there to do but eat, travel, and love?



29 and holding, as they say. 2 teenage sons, 1 overworked husband. Likes to go out and eat when not staying in and cooking. Maybe have a glass of wine or 3 when no one’s looking.

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