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Published on: July 27, 2010

My fiancé and I were out doing errands and decided to grab a meal nearby.  Although, it doesn’t stand out along the strip of stores on Erie Boulevard, I did notice Ruby Tuesday and wanted to try them out.  I had never been to this location before, and figured my experiences at the Oswego Ruby Tuesday from college weren’t that bad.  Now, I went in aware that this is a chain, and didn’t expect anything breathtaking.  I just wanted to have a nice, quick meal.

The experience began with the host seating me and my fiancé at a booth with wet seats.  It felt a little gross sitting down and smelled like cleanser, but at least it meant they clean the place I guess.

The only positive from this experience was the waitress, Sarah.  She was really fast in refilling drinks and checked in on us just enough.  Her friendly and chatty demeanor is one that I don’t feel you usually receive in chains.  Our chatting led her to mention that she has been a waitress for 10+ years and it showed.  Sarah has been the best waitresses we’ve had in awhile.  She was so good that my fiancé plans to call and let the manager know.

She picked up on little subtleties.  For example, I got strawberry lemonade ($3.49 — which had free refills!).  When Sara checked in, I asked for a glass of water because my lemonade was a little too tart.  When she brought my refill the strawberry lemonade was a little bit sweeter this time, and I enjoyed it all the more.

A few minutes after ordering, Sarah dropped off two biscuits for us to “munch on.”  In retrospect, it was probably because she knew we’d have a long wait and was doing early damage control.  We waited awhile more, when she came over to apologize for the delay on food and offered two more free biscuit as a peace offering.

Finally, after a total of an hour wait, our food came out.  I ordered the New Orleans Seafood ($13.99) and my fiancé got a Bacon Burger.  My dish included a creamy, alfredo-like sauce that did not blend well with the chili spice sprinkled beneath it.  The shrimp were itty bitty little things that did not look appetizing.  I was so hungry I ate the food, but can’t say I really enjoyed it.  I think I would have been ok with the dish if that chili powder wasn’t on it.

My fiancé didn’t eat his burger and the manager actually ended up taking it off of the bill.  Part of the issue I think is that my meal took longer than his, so his burger and fries were probably sitting under a heat lamp for some time.  His fries were lukewarm and his burger, as I was told, “Had no taste.”  It had lots of items on it – onion rings, bacon, a splash of BBQ sauce, but my fiancé informed me that it was quite unappetizing.  It didn’t look that great either.  Not to mention when he took the bun off to see if there was in fact BBQ sauce on it, I saw a hair on the burger.

Overall, I felt my dish was a little pricey in general, but definitely for the portion.   We left unsatisfied – I was not satisfied with what I ate, and my fiancé was not satisfied that he hadn’t eaten!  The food simply took way too long, and if I wasn’t so hungry I would have walked out at the 45 minute mark.  The waitress did a great job, but had little control over how long the food took.  I do not plan on returning to this or any Ruby Tuesdays for some time.  This experience definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

Top Pro: Waitress was great!                    Top Con: Food was terrible!

Service: 4 out of 5 stars
Food: 1 out of 5 stars
Atmosphere: 3 out of 5 stars
Over-all: 1 out of 5 stars

Restaurant: Ruby Tuesday, 3220 Erie Boulevard East, Dewitt, NY 13214

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  1. This review was very informative. Foodie Fiend seems very fair with both her compliments and critiques. I will look for more of her reviews in the future.

  2. gail says:

    I have been into a couple of Ruby Tuesdays, one in Albany when it was new, that was great, later on, it got very lax…….they closed……..oops…….
    have also been in one that also closed, guess by your report they still need some improving………I’m happy that Sarah was a good part of your expierence its a shame that she can’t get into a better resturant with her expierence………glad to know, I don’t think that we will visit one soon………..thanks for your job………

  3. George Sugarwood says:

    It is unfortunate and refreshing at the same time to hear that people have had similar experiences with Ruby Tuesday as I have. I never recall having bad service at any Ruby Tuesday location, but great service can only over shadow bad food, long delays, and a pricey menu for a short while before the flaws heavily out weigh the positive(s). I have felt for some time the menu was too pricey and even though they seemed to have changed their ambiance and food presentation a few years back to give themselves an upscale feel, it just falls flat more often than not.

    Thanks for the honest review Foodie Fiend.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I totally agree with the Foodie Fiend. Whenever I have been in a Ruby Tuesday I remember there being a long wait time for my food. I never know what to eat there because everything is so rich and I don’t eat burgers. Glad to know I won’t be going to one soon. As far as the hair on the burger. I would of left after that. Thanks for the information and I look forward to reading your critiques again!

  5. Sara Signorelli says:

    Very good! Thanks!

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