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Published on: March 10, 2014

Santangelo’s has been around for over 25 years.  It’s on Old Liverpool Road, just past the stoplight at the end of Electronics Parkway.  Unless you’re new to CNY, or you simply don’t like Italian food, you’ve probably been to Santangelo’s.

The parking lot is large, but so is the interior.  Many nights I’ve seen cars parked on the grass, or in some other place the owner felt they could wedge in.  Reservations are accepted, and I encourage them, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

I’m not a bar person, so when I go it’s not for the large, open pub in the front.  However, if I were a drinking man, I think I’d really like Santangelo’s as a place to hang with my friends.  It’s friendly and inviting.  Not a loud nightclub, but there’s enough noise and activity that the place is far from dead.  If you like to have a few drinks before or after dinner, this is a great place to hang.

Once past the bar area, you enter the dining area through a short hallway.  This is not the most opulent dining room you’ve ever seen, but it’s very nicely appointed.  The rooms are well-lit, and you can see your meal and the people you’re dining with.  While the lighting isn’t particularly romantic, it is a nice place to take a date, especially if you’re seated in one of the booths which will give you privacy and a lower noise level.

The wait staff are all professionals.  I think the youngest, greenest waitress had already grown up in the hospitality business.  And they all seem to be related – it’s truly a family restaurant, from both the staff side and the customer side.  I see many larger parties there having a great time.  There are obviously many families in CNY who make Santangelo’s their go-to place for a meal not made at home.

On our latest trip, my wife ordered Chicken Abruzzi – a breast with a whole portobello mushroom top underneath.  I ordered the chicken francaise, lightly breaded and served in a lemon sauce.  I’ve had seafood and pasta here, which are both very good.  My favorite “special” is the rack of lamb, which I think is exceptional.  I put quotes around “special” because it never really goes away – it’s just not printed on the menu.

Not everything is covered in red sauce.  But I happen to really like their sauce – not too tart, not too sweet.  It accompanies the pasta without overwhelming it. People get into arguments over red sauce, like politics or religion.  I’m just asking you to try it.  Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t.

Some folks save Santangelo’s as a treat, and some seem to be here almost every night.  If you’re a regular, the staff will know you and treat you as a friend, not just a guest.

The bill for the two of us, without alcohol, came to under $50 with tip.  It’s not the least expensive place to eat, but if you’re taking some else – or yourself – out for a treat it’s certainly worth it.


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