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Published on: March 6, 2014

I like revolutions. I don’t like the mall. The light feels artificial, the air plastic, the people consumer zombies. In short, the place seems like a capitalist version of Dante’s nine levels of Hell, except with less levels. However, I’m here to give a restaurant review not my critique on materialism.

So back to Revolutions Entertainment, a new restaurant that opened in Destiny USA. The place is a bowling alley, restaurant, and entertainment facility. I had a bit of trouble finding the restaurant. Partially because I am directionally challenged and partially because the mall is kinda a maze that only preteens and soccer moms can navigate. I was meeting a friend there, and when I entered I was impressed by the size and vibe of the place. Rock music was playing, and a waiter quickly helped me locate my friend I had a meeting with. I spotted an impressive bar, plentiful seating, some arcade games, and the bowling alley in the back.


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